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All combined data TRUST 9-present

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Parent/carer and teacher's scores

Children's scores

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This is the best ever. I have learned how to make friends and I know they understand me and will be kind.


Schools are seeing more children who need support with their mental health. By having this training and learning strategies ensures children are supported. Schools can take a consistent approach which is kind and nurturing. This training promotes a warm, safe and nurturing approach to behaviour management with children who have suffered trauma.


It (The TRUST Programme) has had a great impact on XXXXX and myself. I understand him more now. You have done a fabulous job in understanding XXX’s behaviour and putting it into perspective for me. I am so very happy with how XXXX has come home every week with positive vibes. Thank you so very much for what a great difference this has made for us all. I would recommend it to all the schools.


The TRUST programme has had a significant impact on children who have been able to attend.    

One child has very poor attendance (at times as low as 40%).  Their anxiety and inability to express their needs really held her back.  Since attending the TRUST programme attendance has improved significantly and this term is 100%.  This child is now able to talk about how they are feeling and using strategies learn at TRUST to help them.  Their mum was particularly pleased with the difference in their child and gave examples of them being frighted to do self and them saying to mum “I’m going to TRY’ – a key part of the TRUST approach.   

Another child who attended TRUST had difficulty self-regulating and their response to challenging situations resulted in violent outbursts towards children and staff resulting in a number of fixed term exclusions.  This child is now much more able to manage their emotions and there have been no further violent outbursts.  Both separated parents attended the meetings and were able to work together to support the child.   

Staff have also benefited enormously from the CPD offered by Alex and the Trust programme. Staff are now working as a team with a shared approach focused on their understanding of trauma.  Alex has increased the confidence of staff to step back and give space to children as well as guiding them to co-regulate.  This has significantly improved the way in which the whole staff are addressing the needs of vulnerable children.   

I highly recommend the TRUST programme for all schools.  I can’t thank Alex enough for the continued support she has given, her flexibility to adapt the programme for the individual needs of the children.  Since attending the TRUST programme several staff have had further training so we can carry on some of the strategies seen at TRUST.  We now have regular children’s yoga sessions, calming techniques taught at TRUST are now part of our curriculum and we have shared language for working with children inspired by TRUST. 


My daughter is highly sensitive and can become anxious about transitions and change. Much of her worry gets internalised and can be easily missed. I thought the way you designed the program and were able to engage with the children before the program started made a huge difference. Something that may have caused angst actually resulted in XXXX coming home over-flowing with excitement about what lay ahead. 

Without doubt, she thoroughly enjoyed her time each week and would come back happy and full of stories to tell, and a pocket full of nature treasures to boot. She spoke highly of all the people involved and was very comfortable in their care. 

The group supported each other and enjoyed time out of the classroom. I was so impressed with your approach, allowing them freedom to explore, opportunity to make decisions for themselves and importantly for XXXX, the space to be herself. 


One of the things I found so remarkable was your approach to inclusion of all parties, the school staff, parents and the children. The level of communication and involvement of us as parents is something I believe was key to the success of the program and something I was quite unfamiliar with. I’d never been given such a wonderful opportunity as this, with this level of consideration as to the role of us as parents and the influence we have on their development and resilience. 


I commend you for taking this approach, as it’s no mean feat to try to bring a deeper level of understanding of the why and how around the area of family relationships and the importance of supporting not only our children but ourselves to create a healthy place for all to lovingly develop together. 


The information you presented was clear and easy to understand. I have made some effort to learn about this sort of stuff, but as you can imagine as parents it isn’t always easy to find the time or succinct resources to do so. You made it simple and accessible to help us learn new ways to help our child regulate and to help us become aware of how we react and interact, and that this can help stop situations from escalating. I honestly think many of us as parents need more of this, and our greater awareness would help our kids so much. 


I truly feel privileged to have been part of the TRUST program, have taken so much from it and am hopeful to see your continued success and the program rolled out to more children across the country. Alex you are an insightful leader and have created something rather magical here.

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